Upper Echelon matchmaking provides a variety of tiered services.
We have packages no matter where you are in your dating and love journey.
Premium Client

If you would like to become an Upper Echelon client, ​​we begin with a full body analysis, lifestyle assessment, relationship experience evaluation, & mental health readiness check. Each client’s personal pathway is as unique as they are. We partner with trusted professionals to assist you on your pathway to finding love. We curate prospective partners who would be suitable for your unique lifestyle & journey. Customized curation based on your unique upper echelon lifestyle.
Please schedule a call here to become an Upper Echelon Client:

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Premium Database

If you would like to be in the database to be considered for future matches, our Premium Database provides you with a background check, professional headshots and a mental health & readiness check. When enrolling into the premium database, you are in que above free database clients to be presented to eligible Upper Echelon Clients but you are not an official Upper Echelon Client.

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Free Database

If you would like to be in the database to be potentially considered for future matches, please upload your information to our database.

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Shoot your Shot

With Shae

Shoot your Shot with Shae is an event/ night out where Shae teaches you how to hone in on your target, shoot your shot & score! Learn how to flirt from a pro.

  • Hair
  • Makeup
  • Outfit selection
  • Mini Photoshoot
  • 2 hour wingwoman service
  • Mini clips of training material
    $2500 local; $3500 w/travel
Shoot your Shot